Ever since I could remember, I dreamed of studying abroad.

There is something very powerful in knowing you only have a limited time to enjoy a place and its people. I guess knowing for a fact that there is an end to that chapter of your life means you taste every bit of it slowly, carefully, and exquisitely. You try to make the best out of every day because they all count (and cost a lot of money).

Studying abroad can feel like you are pausing your routine while everyone in it keeps on living it. Just because you’re not physically there, doesn’t mean it stops. It almost feels like you’re taking a break from your normal life because it seems so unreal. For 6 months, you will be living in a city that doesn’t know you. A city filled with strangers and streets you’ve never walked on. A city that has never heard you laugh, nor cry. The beauty resides in this unknown adventure that awaits. As much as you have 6 months to discover this city and everything in and around it, it has 6 short and beautiful months to discover you and most importantly, let you discover yourself.

I don’t know what will happen over the next 6 months of my life. I really don’t and I don’t want to. There is beauty in knowing you only have 6 months of adventures without knowing what they’ll be.

I could feel it in my bones at 9:29 pm, when the plane took off, that I was about to live something extraordinary. So high in the sky, above my home, I am leaving it for the first time (for this long) to go somewhere new that I’ll call home until it’s not anymore… And then, I wondered, maybe it always will be. Maybe every place that discovers you and helps you discover new parts within yourself, becomes and stays a home to your soul and to your memories.

I’ve got homes scattered everywhere in the world where cities, people and memories have taken pieces of me and given me so much in return without even realizing it on the moment.

Nice, j’espère que tu es autant prête que je le suis. Tu m’as connue bébé et enfant, et bientôt, tu me connaîtras adulte et tu m’aideras à en devenir bien plus.

Author’s Note:

The adventure has officially started.

I can not wait to be reunited with family, meet new cousins, see old friends and make new ones. I can not wait to taste and discover more of Europe (and who knows what else?). I can not wait for the adventures I am yet to live. Traveling truly gives me life.

Montreal, you will be missed. See you in 6 months.
PS: Hope the potholes will be fixed by then, I have faith in you


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