Letter From La Montréalaise

Before visiting my blog and appreciating, criticizing or disliking it; here are some things I feel the need to develop on.

My name is Alexia and I was born and raised in Montreal, the city I like to call my home. Do I know Montreal inside out and decided to create a blog on it? No. Am I a copycat of trendy blogs like MTL Blog & Narcity? No. Though I really love theirs, mine has nothing to do with their content. Are my parents originally from here? No. Then why in the world would I call myself La Montréalaise to have a blog to this title you may ask?

Ever since I was a kid, the biggest struggle was to define myself in one word. It was hard because I was associated to so many countries, so many trends, so many hobbies, so many styles, so many people, and so on. It came to my senses one day that, I was, like all of you humans, One of a Kind (which could have been the title of my blog).

After traveling to a few countries in the past year, I realized that there was no other place in the world like Montreal. I used to think Montreal was a land where culture didn’t exist. I was the wrong. You see, dear reader, Montreal is everything the world isn’t. Being a Montrealer means that:

  • you’ve grown up having friends from every inch of the world;
  • you’ve appreciated food from Peru to Lebanon to Portugal, all on the same street;
  • you’ve picked up a few expressions in all the existing languages, or almost. This means that Montrealers are most probably the only people on the planet that can swear in more languages than the amount of hair on your head (note that I’ve just used a French expression. Il faut tout de même appliquer la loi 101 un peu!);
  • you’ve learned to integrate yourself with every race, religion, culture and sex;
  • you’ve learned to respect anyone who’s different than the people your parents were surrounded with back in their countries;
  • you’ve developed an appreciation for street art and pop culture. It’s everywhere and it’s what makes Montreal MONTREAL;
  • you’ve had/you will have/you are having the best time of your life while being an university student. I mean who wants to study in Paris when you could be here?
  • Poutine. There isn’t anything more cultural in Montreal than Poutine. That’s all I have to say;
  • you know the real definition of the life of a party (#MTLNightlifeIsDaShit in case you didn’t know yet);
  • you desperately want to travel the world because Montreal gave you a first taste of all the cultures and you just want more of it, continuously;
  • you’ve met at least one person from the LGBT community and you’re happy that they have a place in the society;
  • you are at least bilingual and didn’t even know it was such a big deal until you realized that half the world isn’t yet;
  • anything cool, funny, interesting, and positive can be added to the list. (We do have flaws, but do we really have to mention them? Ok, ok fine to  be fair, we have a few political problems here and there but we’ll get through them.)

Now I can define La Montréalaise as someone who is open minded, respectful towards diversity and differences, craving worldwide travelling, optimistic, creative and innovative. I have to point out that this is my own personal definition of the word and that some Montrealers might not fit that description and that’s fine because that’s what Montreal is all about: diversity!

I associate myself to La Montréalaise but I will always describe myself simply as Alexia. There is no better way to describe yourself  than by the name you were given, and to which you have attached its own personal definition of what it represents. Everyday you add a new definition to your name. Today I am adding to mine: Blogger.

For the curious and impatient ones, my blog will be a place where I will share some of my photographs that I’ve taken or will take from Montreal and any other place I travel to! I’ll share some of the poetry I have written over the years. It will also be a place for me to share the inner thoughts I have on everything and nothing at all. Why Semiprivate journal? Well do you all really want to know about my menstrual cycle or who I had a crush on when i was in the 3rd grade? I didn’t think so. (In case you didn’t notice, I can be sarcastic and funny. I also tend to talk to myself and firmly believe I am an entertaining human being. Now this parenthesis is an example of semiprivate because I talked about myself without naming the people who find me funny to support what I say. Maybe it’s because no one finds me funny. #sadlife) I think that as individuals, we all have a wise side. I believe that if we all shared that side with one another, the world could be a better place. There is a saying that says ”On réfléchit mieux à deux têtes qu’à une seule”. My goal is to share with you what I’ve discovered while being a Montréalaise. 

Sidenote: I am a pure francophone, literally from France (#vivelaFrance). Therefore:

  • French references will often be made;
  • Yes, La Montréalaise is a special shoutout to that part of me. (Also, it sounds better than The Montrealer.)

I accept criticism as long as it’s respectful. Go ahead and shoot me all you’ve got. You only get better when you know your flaws and find ways to get past them. Long term, I’d like to work in the world of communications so let this blog be the start of something I’ve always wanted to do.

Merci à tous! Mucho Love xxx

Alexia Hammal AKA La Montréalaise

Ps: All pictures on this website belong to me unless stated otherwise.

© Alexia Hammal



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  1. Loved it! Your personnality shines through; I can almost hear you speak!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW, you knock me out! What a gift you are to this wild and woolly world. Much love, Judith


  3. A stunning presentation, Alexia. You are very special and you know it, and really talented for writing. My best wishes for your blog and your career in communication. Let’s the world hear about you!


  4. Wow Alexia ! you just portrayed exactly what a real Montrealais(e) is all about – the essence !
    Amazing blog can’t wait to read more…. Such an inspiration, your parents must be so proud of you ❤


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